The Australian Anglican Directory



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AASA Associate of the Australian Society of Accountants
ABM Anglican Board of Mission Aust
Abp Archbishop
ABS Anglican Boys' Society
AC Aged Care
ACA Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants
  Anglican Church of Australia
  Australian Counselling Association Accred Accredited
ACD Adelaide College of Divinity
ACE Australian College of Education
ACGS Anglican Church Grammar School
ACIS Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries
ACR Anglican Catholic Renewal
ACS Anglican Community Services
ACT Australian College of Theology
  Australian Capital Territory
Actg Acting
ACU Australian Catholic University
AD Area Dean
Adel Adelaide
ADF Australian Defence Forces
Admin Administrator
Adn Archdeacon
AFAIM Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management
AFES Anglican Fellowship of Evangelical Students
AGGS Anglican Girls' Grammar School
AGS Anglican Grammar School
  Anglican Girls' School
AH Anglican Homes
AHA Associate of the Australian College of Health Services Administrators
AHE Anglican Homes for the Elderly
AHMS Anglican Home Mission Society
AHWS Anglican Health and Welfare Services
Aid Aidan
AIF Australian Imperial Forces
AIM Australian Inland Mission (Presbyterian)
  Australian Institute of Management
AIMLS Associate of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Sciences
AIMM Member of the Australian Institute of Management
AIPC Australian Institute of Professional Counselling
ALCD Associate of the London College of Divinity
ALM Authorised Lay Minister
AM Member of the Order of Australia
AME Anglican Marriage Encounter
AMF Australian Military Forces
AMS Anglican Men's Society
Andr Andrew
ANU Australian National University
AR Acting Rector
ARA Australian Regular Army
ARCS Associate of the Royal College of Science
  Australian Red Cross Society
ARes Army Reserve
Arg Argentina
Arm Armagh
ARMA Anglican Renewal Ministries, Australia
Armid Armidale
ARV Anglican Retirement Villages
Assoc Associate
AssocDipMin Associate Diploma in Ministry
AssocDipSoc Associate Diploma in Sociology
AssocDipTh Associate Diploma of Theology
Asst Assistant
ASTC Associate of Sydney Technical College
ATO Authority to Officiate
Auck Auckland
Aug Augustine
Aust Australia
AYD Anglican Youth Department
AYM Anglican Youth Ministries
B'desh Bangladesh
BA Bachelor of Arts
  Buenos Aries
BAgrSc Bachelor of Agricultural Science
Ball Ballarat
BAppSc Bachelor of Applied Science
BArch Bachelor of Architecture
BArmy British Army
Barn Barnabas
Bath Bathurst
BBSP Bush Brotherhood of St Paul
BC Bible College
BCA Bush Church Aid Society
BCAE Brisbane College of Advanced Education
BCom Bachelor of Commerce
BCSA Bible College of South Australia
BCT Brisbane College of Theology
BCV Bible College of Victoria
BD Bachelor of Divinity
Bd Board
BDip Bible Diploma
BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BE Bachelor of Engineering
BEc Bachelor of Economics
BEcon Bachelor of Economics (USA)
BEd Bachelor of Education
BEdSt Bachelor of Educational Studies
BEM British Empire Medal
Bend Bendigo
BEng Bachelor of Engineering
BFBS British and Foreign Bible Society
BGS Brotherhood of the Good Shepherd
Bibl Biblical
Birm Birmingham
BJuris Bachelor of Jurisprudence
Blackb Blackburn
BLitt Bachelor of Letters
BMus Bachelor of Music
BMusEd Bachelor of Music Education
Bp Bishop
BPE Bachelor of Physical Education
BPharm Bachelor of Pharmacy
BPhil Bachelor of Philosophy
Br Brother
Bradf Bradford
Bris Bristol
Brisb Brisbane
BS Bachelor of Science (USA)
  Bachelor of Surgery
BSB Brotherhood of St Barnabas
BSc Bachelor of Science
BScAgr Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
BSJ Brotherhood of St John
BSL Brotherhood of St Laurence
BSocAdmin Bachelor of Social Administration
BSocSc Bachelor of Social Science
BSocW Bachelor of Social Work
BSW Bachelor of Social Work
BTech Bachelor of Technology
BTh Bachelor of Theology
BTheol Bachelor of Theology (MCD)
BTS Bachelor of Theological Studies
Bunb Bunbury
BVSc Bachelor of Veterinary Science
C Curate
C of E Church of England
C&G Canberra & Goulburn
C/W Community/Welfare
CA Church Army
  Chartered Accountant
CAE College of Advanced Education
Calc Calcutta
Cam Cambridge
Can Canon
Canb Canberra
Cant Canterbury UK
Cantab Cantabrigiensis (of Cambridge University)
Capt Captain
Carp Carpentaria
Cath Catherine
Cathl Cathedral
CBD Central Business District
CC Community Care
  Corpus Christi
  Correctional/Custody Centre
  Council of Churches
CCA Christian Conference of Asia
CCES Council for Christian Education in Schools
CCM Canberra College of Ministry
CE Christian Education
  Civil Engineer
CEBS Church of England Boys Society, Anglican Boys Society
CEGGS Church of England Girls' Grammar School
CEGS Church of England Grammar School
CEMS Church of England Men's Society
CEng Chartered Engineer
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CertEd Certificate of Education
CertMin Certificate of Ministry
CertT Certificate of Teaching
CF Chaplain to the Forces
CGS Collegiate Girls School
  Company of the Good Shepherd
Chapl Chaplain
ChB Bachelor of Surgery
ChCh Christ Church
Chelmsf Chelmsford
Ches Chester
Chich Chichester
ChLJ Chaplain of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem
CHN Community of the Holy Name
CiC Curate in Charge
CIT Caulfield Institute of Technology
CJ Criminal Justice
CK Christ the King
CM Carnegie Medal
  Congregation Mission (Vincentian Fathers)
  Master in Surgery
CMC Civil Marriage Celebrant
CMF Citizens Military Forces
CMS Church Missionary Society
Co-op Co-operating
Co-ord Co-ordinator
Col Colombo
Coll College
Comp-in-Res Companion-in-Residence
Cov Coventry
CPA Certified Practicing Accountant
CPE Clinical Pastoral Educator, Education
Crafers SSM St Michael's College Crafers
Crt Court
CSC Community of the Sisters of the Church
  Conspicuous Service Cross
CSU Charles Sturt Uni
CTA Christian Television Association
Cttee Committee
Cuth Cuthbert
D Deacon
D&D Drown/Dromore
DCE Department of Christian Education
DCS Department of Corrective Services
DD Doctor of Divinity
DE Department of Education
Dep Deputy
Dept Department
Devt Development
DF Defence Force
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
DiC Deacon in Charge
DIC Diploma of Imperial College
Dio Diocesan
  Diocese of
DipAg Diploma of Agriculture
DipAgr Diploma in Agriculture
DipAnthrop Diploma of Anthropology
DipAppChem Diploma of Applied Chemistry
DipAppPsych Diploma of Applied Psychology
DipAppSc Diploma of Applied Science
DipArch Diploma of Architecture
DipArts Diploma of Arts
DipBibS Diploma in Biblical Studies
DipBS Diploma in Business Studies
DipBusAdmin Diploma in Business Administration
DipCivEng Diploma in Civil Engineering
DipCom Diploma of Commerce
DipCrim Diploma in Criminology
DipCS Diploma Chamber of Shipping
DipDiet Diploma in Dietectics
DipDiv Diploma in Divinity
DipEd Diploma of Education
DipEng Diploma in Engineering
DipFor Diploma of Forestry
DipHE Diploma in Higher Education
  Diploma in Hydraulic Engineering
DipLib Diploma of Librarianship
DipLS Diploma of Legal Studies
DipM Diploma in Marketing
DipMan Diploma for Management
DipMechEng Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
DipMin Diploma in Ministry
DipMiss Diploma in Missiology
DipMus Diploma in Music
DipMusEd Diploma in Music Education
DipNEd Diploma in Nursing Education
DipPastMin Diploma in Pastoral Ministry
DipPhysEd Diploma of Physical Education
DipPsych Diploma in Psychology
DipPT Diploma in Psychotherapy
DipPubAdmin Diploma of Public Administration
DipPublicHealth Diploma of Public Health
DipRE Diploma in Religious Education
DipResCare Diploma in Residential Care
DipRK Diploma in Religious Knowledge
DipSocJustStuds Diploma of Social Justice Studies
DipSocSc Diploma in Social Science
DipSocStuds Diploma of Social Studies
DipT Diploma in Teaching
DipTchg Diploma of Teaching
DipTech Diploma in Technology
DipTh Diploma of Theology
DipTheol Diploma of Theology
DipTheolStuds Diploma of Theological Studies
DipTS Diploma in Transport Studies
DipYL Diploma in Youth Leadership
Dir Director
Dist District
DiT Deacon in Training
Div Division
DLitt Doctor of Letters
DLM Deacon in Local Ministry
DMin Doctor of Ministry
DPhil Doctor of Philosophy
DPS Diploma in Pastoral Studies
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSCM Diploma Sydney Conservatorium of Music
DSS Department of Social Security
Dss Deaconess
Dss-in-C Deaconess in Charge
DSU District Support Unit
DTheol Doctor of Theology
Dub Dublin
Dun Dunedin
Dur Durham
DYC Diocesan Youth Chaplain
DYO Diocesan Youth Officer
Ecum Ecumenical
Ed Editor
ED Efficiency Decoration
EdD Doctor of Education
Edmon Edmonton
Educ Education
Edw Edward
Eliz Elizabeth
Em Emeritus
Episc Episcopal
Evang Evangelism
Exam Examining
Exec Executive
Ext Extension
F'ship Fellowship
f/t full-time
FACE Fellow of the Australian College of Education
FCP Fellow of the College of Preceptors
FCPA Fellow of the Australian Society of Certified Practising Accountants
Fed Federal
Fell Fellow
FHA Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Administrators
FO Field Officer
FPhS Fellow of the Philosophical Society of England
FRACP Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicans
  Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Pathologists
FRACS Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
FRAIA Fellow of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects
FRANZCP Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
FRCO Fellow of the Royal College of Organists
Fred Fredericton
FTC Flying Training Command
  Full Technological Certificate, City and Guilds of the London Institute
FTCL Fellow of Trinity College of Music, London
Gab Gabriel
GBRE General Board of Religious Education
GCEGS Geelong Church of England Grammar School
Gdns Gardens
Gen General
Geo George
GFS Girls Friendly Society
GGS Girls' Grammar School
Gipps Gippsland
GL General Licence
Glas Glasgow
Glos Gloucester
GOC General Officier Commanding
GOE General Ordination Examination
Goulb Goulburn
Grad Graduate
GradCertRE Graduate Certificate in Religious Education
Graft Grafton
Greg Gregory
GS General Synod
  Good Shepherd
  Grammar School
GSIAC General Synod International Affairs Commission
GTS General Theological Seminary
Guildf Guildford
HA Holy Advent
HC Holy Cross
HCS Health and Community Services
Hd Head
Head Headmaster
Heref Hereford
HK Hong Kong
HLM Honorary Lay Minister
HM Home Mission
HN Holy Name
HNC Higher National Certificate
Ho House
Hon Honorary
Hosp Hospital
HQ Headquarters
Hse House
HT Holy Trinity
I Incumbent
IC Inner City
Immig Immigration
Inst Institute
INSTEP In-Service Theological Education Program
ISS Institute for Spiritual Studies
ITE Institute of Theological Education
ITIM Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission
Jap Japan
Jas James
JCU James Cook University
JJ Juvenile Justice
Jo John
Jo'burg Johannesburg
JP Justice of the Peace
Jt Joint
K-12 Kindergarten to Year 12
Kal Kalgoorlie
KBE Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Ken Kentucky
KL Kuala Lumpur
KSJ Knight of Honour of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem
LA Los Angeles
LBC London Bible Coll
LCD London College of Divinity
LCP Licentiate of the College of Preceptors
Ldr Leader
Lect Lecturer
Leic Leicester
LGH Launceston General Hospital
LHQ Land Headquarters
Lic Licence(d)
Lich Lichfield
Linc Lincoln
LittB Bachelor of Letters
Liv Liverpool
Llan Llandaff
LLB Bachelor of Laws
LLCM Licentiate of the London College of Music
LLD Doctor of Laws
LMus Licentiate in Music
Lond London
LP Local Priest
LRAM Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music
LRCP Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicans
LRSM Licentiate of the Royal School of Music
LSDA Licentiate of Speech and Drama of Australia
LST Licentiate in Sacred Theology
LSW Lay Stipendiary Worker
Lt Lieutenant
LT Locum Tenens
LTCL Licentiate of Trinity College of Music, London
LTh Licentiate in Theology
LTS Long-term Schooling
Luth Lutheran
M Minister
MA Master of Arts
MACC Member of the Australian College of Chaplains
MACE Member of the Australian College of Education
MACS Member of the Australian Computer Society
MAdmin Master of Administration
MAIW Member of the Australian Institute of Welfare Officers
Mal Malaysia
Man Manchester
MAppSc Master of Applied Science
MArch Master of Architecture
Marg Margaret
Martyrs Martyrs School Popondetta
Matt Matthew
MB Bachelor of Medicine
MBA Master of Business Administration
MBBS Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery
MBE Member of the Order of the British Empire
MBI Melbourne Bible Institute
MBPsS Member of the British Psychological Society
MC Mail Centre
  Medical Centre
  Military Cross
MCD Melbourne College of Divinity
MCEGGS Melbourne Church of England Girls' Grammar School
MCEGS Melbourne Church of England Grammar School
MCom Master of Commerce
MDiv Master of Divinity
MEd Master of Education
MEdAdmin Master of Educational Administration
MEdStuds Master of Educational Studies
Mel Melanesia
Melb Melbourne
Memb Member (of)
MEngSc Master of Engineering Science
Metro Metropolitan
Metrop Metropolitan
Mgr Manager
MH Mental health
MHA Member of the House of Assembly
  Master of Hospital Administration
  Master of Health Administration
MHums Master of Humanities
MiC Minister in Charge
MICE Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (London)
Mich Michael
MIChemE Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers
MID Mentioned in Dispatches
MIE Member of the Institution of Engineers
MIEE Member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (London)
MiHO Master in Holy Orders
Mil Military
Min Ministry
Minn Minnesota
Missn Sea Missions to Seaman/Seafarers
Mk Mark
MLitt Master of Letters
MM Military Medal
MMin Master of Ministry
MMus Master of Music
Moore Moore Theological College
Mor Moray, Ross & Caithness
Morpeth St John's Theological College, Morpeth
MPhil Master of Philosophy
MPS Member of the Pharmaceutical Society
MRCS Member of the Royal College of Surgeons
MRED Masters in Religious Education
MS Master of Surgery
  Master of Science (USA)
MSacMusic Master of Sacred Music
MSc Master of Science
MSocSc Master of Social Sciences
Mssn Mission
Mssnr Missioner
Mssnry Missionary
Mstr Master
MSW Master of Social Work
Mt Mount
MTh Master of Theology
MTheol Master of Theology
MU Mother's Union
MusBac Bachelor of Music
Nat National
NE North East
NEGS New England Girls' School
Newc Newcastle
Newf Newfoundland
NG New Guinea
NH Nursing Homes
NHMF National Home Mission Fund
Nic Nicholas
Nor Norwich
Nottm Nottingham
NQ North Queensland
NS Non-stipendary
  Nova Scotia
NSM Non-stipendary Minister
NSW New South Wales
NT New Testament
  Northern Territory
Nth North
NW North West
NWA North West Australia
NY New York
NZ New Zealand
Off Officer
OGS Oratory of the Good Shepherd
OL On Leave
OLM Ordained Local Minister
OMF Overseas Missionary Fellowship
OMS On Missionary Service
Ont Ontario
Org Organisation
OSB Order of St Benedict
OSL Order of St Luke
OStJ Officer of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
OT Old Testament
Ox Oxford
Oxon Oxoniensis (of Oxford University)
P Priest
P'pines Philippines
p/t part-time
PA Pastoral Assistant
PANCH Preston and Northcote Community Hospital
PC Pastoral Care
  Perpetual Curate
  Privy Councillor
PCD Perth College of Divinity
PD Parish Deacon
PDist Parochial District
Pen Peninsula
Pet Peter
PhC Pharmaceutical Chemist
PhD Doctor of Philosophy
Phil Philip
PiC Priest in Charge
Pitts Pittsburgh
PLC Presbyterian Ladies' College
PLM Priest in Local Ministry
PM Port Moresby
PNG Papua New Guinea
Pol Polynesia
Portsm Portsmouth
Post-ord Post-ordination
POT Post-ordination Training
PP Parish Priest
Prec Precentor
Prof Professor
Prov Provisional
Prov Par Provisional Parish
PTO Permission to Officiate
PW Parish Worker
  Pastoral Worker
QE Queen Elizabeth
QEH Queen Elizabeth Hospital
QIT Queensland Institute of Technology
QLD Queensland
Qu Queens
QUT Queensland University of Technology
QVH Queen Victoria Hospital
R Rector
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAFSR Royal Australian Airforce Strategic Reserve
RAChD Royal Army Chaplains' Department
RADA Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
RAF Royal Airforce
RAH Royal Adelaide Hospital
RAN Royal Australian Navy
RANC Royal Australian Naval College
RANR Royal Australian Naval Reserve
RAR Royal Army Regiment
RBH Royal Brisbane Hospital
RC Roman Catholic
RCH Royal Children's Hospital
RD Rural Dean
RE Religious Education
  Royal Engineers
Reg Regional
Regt Regiment
Rehab Rehabilitation
Relns Relations
Rem Remand
Rep Representative
Repat Repatriation
Res Resident
Resp Responsibility
Ret Retired
RFD Reserve Force Decoration
RGH Repatriation and General Hospital
  Registered General Nurse
RHH Royal Hobart Hospital
RIBA Royal Institute of British Architects
Ridley Ridley College
Riv Riverina
RM Relieving Minister
RMC Royal Military College
RMH Royal Melbourne Hospital
RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
RN Royal Navy
RNSH Royal North Shore Hospital
Roch Rochester
Rockh Rockhampton
RPAH Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
RPH Royal Perth Hospital
RS Royal Society
RSMH Royal Southern Memorial Hospital
RWH Royal Women's Hospital
S'ham Sandringham
S'wark Southwark
S'well Southwell
SA South Australia
Sacr Sacristan
SAIT South Australian Institute of Technology
SAM Senior Assistant Minister
SAMS South American Missionary Society
Sarum Salisbury
Sask Saskhtchewan
Sav Saviour
SBStJ Serving Brother of the Order of St John of Jerusalem
SCEGGS Sydney Church of England Girls' Grammar School
SCEGS Sydney Church of England Grammar School
Sch School
SCP The Society of Catholic Priests
SE South East
Sec Secretary
Sem Seminary
SF San Francisco
Sheff Sheffield
Singp Singapore
SJ Social Justice
SL Study Leave
Snr Senior
Soc Social
Southn Southampton
SPCKA Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Australia
SPG Society for the Propagation of the Gospel
Sr Sister
SRC Social Responsibilities Commission
SRN State Registered Nurse
Ss Saints
SS San Salvador
SSA Society of the Sacred Advent
SSC Secretarial Studies Certificate
  Societas Sanctae Crucis (Society of the Holy Cross)
SSF Society of St Francis
SSM Society of the Sacred Mission
St Barnabas' St Barnabas' Theological College
St Francis' St Francis' Theological College
St Mark's St Mark's National Theological Centre
Staffs Staffordshire
STAGGS St Anne's and Gippsland Grammar School
STB Bachelor of Theology
STC Sydney Technical College
Steph Stephen
STh Scholar in Theology
Sth South
Stip Stipendiary
STM Master of Sacred Theology
SU Scripture Union
Supt Superintendent
Supvr Supervisor
Svce Service
SW South West
Syd Sydney
TAFE Technical and Further Education
Tang Tanganyika
Tanz Tanzania
TAS Tasmania
TC Teachers' College
  Technician Certificate
  Training Centre
TCD Trinity College, Dublin
Tchr Teacher
TD Territorial Decoration
TDip Teacher's Diploma
ThA Associate in Theology
ThD Doctor of Theology
ThDip Diploma in Theology
The M The Murray
Theol Theology
TheolM Master of Theology
ThL Licentiate in Theology
ThM Master of Theology
Thos Thomas
ThSchol Scholar in Theology
TI Thursday Island
TM Team Member/Ministry
TPTC Trained Teacher's Certificate (Toorak Teachers' College)
Trng Training
TSSF Tertiary of the Society of St Francis
TSTC Trained Secondary Teacher's Certificate
UBS United Bible Society
UC Uniting Church
UCA Uniting Church in Australia
UFT United Faculty of Theology
UK United Kingdom
UNE University of New England
Uni University
Uni Melb University of Melbourne
UNSW University of New South Wales
UQld University of Queensland
USA United States of America
USC University of Southern California
UTC United Theological College
UTS Union Theological Seminary
UWA University of West Australia
V Vicar
Vanc Vancouver
VCC Victorian Council of Churches
Venez Venezuela
VIC Victoria
Vin Vincent
Vis Visitor
Vstg Visiting
w with
WA Western Australia
WAIT Western Australia Institute of Technology
Wakef Wakefield
Wang Wangaratta
Warks Warwickshire
WCA World Christian Action
WCRP World Conference on Religion and Peace
WEF World Evangelical Fellowship
Will Willochra
Winch Winchester
Wkr Worker
Worc Worcester
YO Youth Officer