The Australian Anglican Directory


The Anglican Church of Australia

The Anglican Church of Australia belongs in the family of the world-wide Anglican Communion. Formerly known as The Church of England in Australia, it gained autonomy in 1962 and its name was changed to The Anglican Church of Australia in 1981. Archbishop Phillip Aspinall is currently the Primate (head) of the Anglican Church of Australia. He is also the Metropolitan of the province of Queensland.

The Church is governed nationally through its own Constitution. The Anglican Church meets nationally every three years at General Synod, its 'parliament', to pass legislation and discuss matters of common concern. Its Standing Committee acts in the interim. The Church has its own legal court of appeal, The Appellate Tribunal, consisting of church leaders and senior legal identities.

In Australia, there are five provinces - NSW, Victoria, SA, WA and Queensland, each with an archbishop, known as the Metropolitan, as head. Within those five provinces are 22 dioceses. The Diocese of Tasmania is an extra provincial diocese making a total of 23 dioceses each headed by a bishop known as a Diocesan. The larger dioceses are divided into regions, each with a bishop, archdeacons and rural or area deans.

The ministry of the church centres on the historic and indivisible 'three fold order' of deacon, priest and bishop. The laity (non-ordained worshipping Anglicans) are increasingly involved in the life and decision-making of the church. The 'distinctive diaconate' is gaining currency for those deacons whose vocation is to servanthood (pastoral) rather than priesthood (liturgical).

Titles commonly used in the Anglican Church

Archbishop: The Most Reverend in address, Archbishop in conversation.

Bishop: The Right Reverend in address, Bishop in conversation.

Archdeacon: The Venerable in address, Archdeacon in conversation. He or she administers areas within a diocese, both for pastoral care and property matters.

Dean: The Very Reverend in address, Dean in conversation. The Dean is the priest in charge of the Cathedral and usually the senior priest of a diocese.

Canon: Clergy and lay men and women normally belonging to a cathedral chapter.

Vicar/Rector/Minister: is The Reverend in address, Father or Mr, Mrs, Ms or Dr in conversation. A Vicar or Rector can also be a Rural or Area Dean, presiding over regular meetings of small groups of parish clergy and sometimes lay people.

Using the Directory

The Australian Anglican Directory includes details of over 4000 licenced clergy of The Anglican Church of Australia. Readers and lay workers are not included and locum tenens appointments may or may not be included, depending on context.

How is the information supplied?

A clergy and organisation update form is sent annually to all individuals listed in the current directory. A list of condensed information focussing on current appointments and contact details, is then sent to each diocesan office for updating and adding of ordinands. The editor thanks all those individuals and diocesan staff members who have cooperated so willingly and in spite of heavy work loads, in the updating process. The accuracy of the information printed is largely a reflection of the information received and cannot be guaranteed to be correct. We regret any errors.

Christian Names

The name by which a person prefers to be known, if not the first Christian name, can be identified ex-parentheses e.g. (Harold George) Cyril. If the name commonly used is an abbreviation or contraction, it appears in parentheses at the end, e.g. Elizabeth Susan (Sue). Former surnames appear in parentheses for one year only eg Jean Brown (nee Jones).


In the interests of saving space and of clarity for the user, the past appointments field has been edited to include many new abbreviations and contractions, most of which appear at the end of the directory. It is a basic information field and not intended to be an exhaustive list of past appointments but a useful resource for the church. Standard abbreviations/contractions for overseas information comes from Crockford's, the Directory of the Church of England. Information in the current appointment field is generally not abbreviated.

The Australian Anglican Directory is not an official Year Book of The Anglican Church of Australia. More detailed diocesan information is available in diocesan year books. All advertisements are relevant to the Anglican Church, directly or indirectly and we ask you to refer to them when purchasing goods and services.