The Australian Anglican Directory


Thank You

The publishing team sincerely thanks everyone who contributed to this edition of The Australian Anglican Directory.

By ‘everyone’ we mean the Anglican community across Australia who generously contribute their time to keep us up-to-date with their contact details and inform us of changes to their listing in the directory.

Thank you to the Registrars and their teams in the 23 Anglican Dioceses who patiently and cheerfully check our data and do so in the tight publishing schedule.

Thank you to the many different Anglican organisations in education, health, mission, social welfare and communications who also persevere with us to ensure accuracy of their individual listings.

Thank you to all the Anglican Clergy; every year we feel that we renew our relationship with each of you in collating your ministerial history, annotating your most current postings or your voluntary work in your retirement. We appreciate the vocation of newly ordained Deacons and Priests. We are always saddened to hear of the passing of a clergy member, and acknowledge their life and death in the directory’s Obituary.

Thank you to our special group of contributors who have been supporting us for many, many years. Some of you are no longer with us and we genuinely mourn your passing. You’re like old friends who may only come together once a year but when we do, it feels like ‘only yesterday’.

We truly enjoy producing such an amazing and helpful resource for all Australians, and more so, working with an equally amazing and helpful network of people. We will never claim this directory is perfect. However, we are dedicated to producing the best Australian Anglican resource book possible within the constraints of our humanity. We sincerely invite you to help us make this directory almost perfect. Please phone us or email us – we welcome your comments and any amendments to errors.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the first publisher and creator, Angela Grutzner. Her insight and forward-thinking gave birth to The Australian Anglican Directory in 1991. Her talent and grace has guided us through the maze of Anglican hierarchies and terminology; she has reassured us during times of chaos and led us back to our objective – to produce the best Australian Anglican resource book possible.